Rebekah Buboi
Licensed Owner

Starting off as a caregiver, I learned how important it was to appreciate our elders.  In a short while I realized I wanted to do more for the elderly. In 2010, I became the administrator to our Mission Viejo location.  My goal became to advocate for the elderly and offer FREE services to our local seniors.  Today, I own and operate our two homes in South Orange County.  


Mary Buboi
Licensed Administrator

if I can describe my mother in one word it would be this, "Family."  With the inspiration of my grandparents my mother opened our first location in  Mission Viejo in  2004.  It was her desire to love and care for the elderly and make them part of our family. Besides cooking delicious and tasty meals she has more up her sleeve than you know it.  Mary has that special loving touch, cute laugh and smile that completes our family.

Through our family experiences we are able to create support structures and provide resources and guidance for family and staff to ensure proper long-term health care. We know how this sudden change in lifestyle can be stressful for the whole family and we pride ourselves in helping plan and facilitate this transition during these difficult stages of life.