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March 28, 2019, Vol. 2 Issue 2 
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Joke of the Day
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Facts About Your Brain
Breathe Therapy
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Joke of the Day

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K."
After being married for thirty years, a wife asked her husband to describe her.
He  looked at her for a while, then said,
"You're an alphabet wife .. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K."
She asked, "What the hell does that mean?"
He said," Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, Gorgeous, and Hot."
She smiled happily and said, "Oh, that's so lovely ... but what about I, J, K?"
He said, "I'm Just Kidding!"
The swelling in his eye is going down.

Very Interesting Predictions!


 Auto repair shops will go away.

A gasoline engine has 20,000 individual parts. An electrical motor has 20. Electric cars are sold with lifetime guarantees and are only repaired by dealers. It takes only 10 minutes to remove and replace an electric motor. Faulty electric motors are not repaired in the dealership but are sent to a regional repair shop that repairs them with robots. Your electric motor malfunction light goes on, so you drive up to what looks like a Jiffy-auto wash, and your car is towed through while you have a cup of coffee and out comes your car with a new electric motor!

Gas stations will go away. Parking meters will be replaced by meters that dispense electricity.  Companies will install electrical recharging stations; in fact, they’ve already started. You can find them at select Dunkin Donuts locations.

Most (the smart) major auto manufacturers have already designated money to start building new plants that only build electric cars.

Coal industries will go away. Gasoline/oil companies will go away.  Drilling for oil will stop. So say goodbye to OPEC!

Homes will produce and store more electrical energy during the day and then they use and will sell it back to the grid. The grid stores it and dispenses it to industries that are high electricity users. Has anybody seen the Tesla roof?

A baby of today will only see personal cars in museums.

The FUTURE is approaching faster than most of us can handle.

 WELCOME TO TOMORROW – it actually arrived a few years ago.

Facts About Your Brain

Did you know…some sensory memories last just a fraction of a second?

Did you know…About 1 in 4 people is a “superstaster,” much more sensitive than others to unpleasant tastes?

Did you know…The brain’s right temporal lobe becomes active when we have “aha” insights?

Did you know…A fifth of your blood is devoted to supplying your brain?

Did you know…If you could spread out and flatten the cerebral cortex; it would be the size of a small tablecloth?

Did you know…Lip-reading activates both the visual and auditory centers of the brain?

The brain constantly rewires itself to become an organ that is physically different from what it was in the preceding moment.  Never resting, it churns through new experiences daily, incorporating some into its network of stored information and discarding others.  The creation of memories creates personal and social identity.  When disease and disorder rob the brain of memory and language, they take away what makes each person unique.

Did you know….different parts of the brain responsible for counting “how many” and volume “how much?”

Did you know…people with Fregoli delusion believe strangers are friends in disguise?

Natural Home Remedies

Breathe Therapy

Many of us sit or stand with a hunched posture that constricts our airway.  Training with breathing exercises can boost your physical, mental, and spiritual health by reducing stress, easing pain, and promoting relaxation.

Breathe Better.

Alternate Nostrils; gently close your right nostril with your right thumb.  Inhale through your left nostril for four seconds.  Close the left nostril with your ring finger and at the same time remove your thumb from your right nostril.  Exhale through the right nostril for eight seconds.  Reverse the pattern by inhaling through the right nostril for four seconds, then covering that nostril and untapping the left one.  Exhale through the left nostril for eight seconds.  Repeat the pattern of inhale for four seconds, exhale for eight seconds twice more.

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The Happenings Issue 2

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